15 Countries, Plus Washington State, Investigating Loot Boxes And Gambling

15 European gambling committees, alongside Washington State, are investing loot boxes and their links to gambling. While mainly focused on skin betting sites commonly associated with CS:GO, the in-game gambling of Overwatch, FIFA, and NBA 2K are also being eyed. In addition, Australia has recently published a study determing that

Jhandi Munda: Traditional Indian Gambling Game

We stumbled across a game of Jhandi Munda during a walk in the mountains of West Bengal. The video shows the game being bet on by a group of villagers about 1 hour outside of Darjeeling. With reference to the young boys in the video, we do not condone underage


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The Gambler [Saxxy Awards 2015 Extended Nomination]

This fictional short tells the backstory of Nick and his gambling past. We were nominated! Thanks to everyone who voted! —CREDITS— — Nic “Hrorek” Ebinger — Lead Animation, Story, Sound Design, Scene Layout, Re-texturing, Lighting, Color Correction, Subscribe! – Dishonored speedruns! — Webb Pickersgill — Story & Creative Director —