Dead Frontier – Gambling Den "Fool Proof" Strategy Make 20k+ Easy

This is a video i decided to make on the Friday, October 15th, 2010.
-==This Guide was taken from Raven on the forums who mentioned this Strategy.==-
The Strategy :
Allways choose the LEFT card
start with about 20k ( more the the better )
If you WIN bet 100$ (If you WIN again, place another 100$ only, don’t place 100$ ontop of that 100$)
If you LOSE bet 150$
if you LOSE AGAIN 300$ ( x2 )
keep 2x your money, UNTIL YOU WIN
because honestly, looking at the odds, whats the chances of it not being the left 7 times in a row?
I have done this MANY times ( test account )
and it never doesn’t go left 7 times in a row. ( or more)

Got any furthur questions? Just comment below =D

Dead Frontier : Watch your back, use your head, and aim for theres =]

The Gambling Den is 100% randomized, don’t try to follow the cards with your eyes.
AdminPWN even said so, don’t beleive me? Go look on the forums =P