How to beat a Gambling Addiction

Steven J Lynch had a gambling addiction for 42 years, Steven Lost EVERYTHING.

This is Steven’s story.

There are many different areas where we can get help, it is finding what works for YOU.

Steven met Major Ted (1999) who helped guide Steven in the right direction and who gave him some advice, Steven listened and used with his own tools, (Tools is a term used in anger management, they are like the tools a tradesman uses for his job, same as when we are working on our-self), the tool I started with – “Do the right thing by me all the time”, (1993)

I went out into the world and started to learn about self, learn why I got angry at the little things, why I had all 3 major addictions, why I could never hold a job down, why I loved getting into trouble with the law, why my family disowned me, why, why, why.
I started my journey on my 30th birthday Dec 1993, the person who helped with some guidance this was in 1999, I started my new direction in April 2000. I set a 10 year goal to find out why.
I had to acknowledge I had issues, then I needed to learn to understand why I had these issues, next I had to accept all my pain and resentments and this only comes after acknowledging and understanding the “WHY”, after accepting I needed to forgive everyone who I had a negative thought toward and also I needed to forgive myself, it helps to apologize, (this can be done in many ways), then send everyone love, each love you send out, you repeat by saying and “I LOVE MYSELF”.
As I did the little steps (GOALS) a little of the negative energy I had been hanging onto released to fill my being with positive “LOVE”.
Face the fears, understand and accept – what was, is in the past, why allow what happened years ago, to continually rule what you are doing today? Learn to let go of all the built up negative energy.
The majority who have some form of ANGER are grasping tight the negative of the lesson, negative actions they received, negative words they received, negative thoughts they continually had, since they were a child.

A balanced program is what we need.

When we gamble or have any other addiction, we are missing out on many other things, such as – when was the last time you enjoyed a real holiday, or bought new clothes that are nice to wear and look good and feel good, when was the last time you paid cash for a new car, part payment on a luxury item, how much money have you got saved in you bank or have you any investments, is your car being serviced every 10 000 Km’s/Miles.
Or are you living week by week, chasing money to buy food, pay rent, pay the registration, your holiday is a few suburbs away –
Steven J Lynch know’s exactly he has lived this life and it is not fun.
The website Steven has designed has valuable and helpful information, to get people started on finding out why they have a gambling addiction, any addiction and what areas of their life, anger is talking.
Take the test, have a go at answering the questions – it be interesting to know, what my stats on anger is.
People who have addictions, have anger and with anger, they have only experienced and learned the love lessons in life from the dark side experience and this being the negative.

Those with addictions and anger need to learn and experience the positive part of the lesson, and then they will have balanced the lesson/programs to enjoy life, the way they were meant to.

Sharing – Passion – Experience – Caring Source.
Please watch more videos, as you may find some that fit and others will not, those that do not are for others. Also visit the website read and read aloud, allow the words to find your source and again there is something for everyone. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram.