Testing Gambling Bots (I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN)

I test Gambling Bots on Old school Runescape. Still think we’re wrong? Well the script writer for the biggest Gambling Bot, diNh, literally told me they’re all rigged, including his one. Watch it here;

Some gambling bot owners are going to be pretty mad at me, hence the dislikes – but the message needs to be said regardless. Tomorrow we go over the actual math involved in these gambling bots and we prove how fake they actually are. Look at the accounts commenting below claiming they’re legit, they’re fresh/fake accounts, probably bot owners. Also Gambling bots are sometimes monitored, and a specific guy behind the bot was making me win on my main account to show people it’s a legit service. It’s as easy as ticking a button for them to decide whether or not to give higher or lower odds. Saying that I’m just unlucky is bullshit, and we’ll show you the probability of a large amounts of tests tomorrow. Don’t trust these bots. They’re sophisticated doublers. I’ve had my money doubled before, I made 2m, but then I gave him 5m and he logged. It’s the same principle here. Guys commenting about how they’re legit are most likely gambling bot owners. A LOT of people ARE falling for this scam by the way, that’s why I made this video.

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