The Gambler [Saxxy Awards 2015 Extended Nomination]

This fictional short tells the backstory of Nick and his gambling past.
We were nominated! Thanks to everyone who voted!
— Nic “Hrorek” Ebinger —
Lead Animation, Story, Sound Design, Scene Layout, Re-texturing, Lighting, Color Correction,
– Dishonored speedruns!

— Webb Pickersgill —
Story & Creative Director

— Bryan Simcox —
Screenplay & Edit

— Justin “Dunkle” Dunkle —
Story, Scene Layout, Animator, Alley Scene Build & Lighting

— Henry Lyons —
Story, Scene Layout, Zombie chase animation @ 3:38

— Brandon Tran VA —
Bookie Voice Over

— Douglas “Skybex” Hamilton —
Casino Props

— Christina Camilleri —
Music: Opening Track titled “lost and unfound”

(side note: she also did the track “birds” which was used in Hrorek’s Bullseye video)

— Special Thanks —
Idol Minds –

— Additional Music/SFX —
Niklas Gustavsson – Inspired By Electronics 2 (courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
Left 4 Dead Soundtrack – Enzymicide
Midnight Riders – Midnight Ride
Additional Sound Effects by

— Workshop Credits —
Pooling Blood Animated prop by Mickyan

HQ Posable Dollar

High Definition Animated .357

Black Mesa DLC

L4D DLC & Content