Beating the Odds: Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Pitching pennies led Michael Mooney down the dark path of a gambling addiction. Mooney is not only in recovery (21 years,) he’s also dedicated his life to helping others find a way out of the desperation realized by chasing the high, and chasing the losses caused by an addiction to

Problem Gambling: No One Wins

Whether you know a problem gambler or treat clients with a gambling addiction, this program is an eye-opening look at a serious mental health concern and the effective solutions that are available in our area. Mark Bombara, MA, LLP, LMSW, CAAC, Certified Problem Gambling Treatment Therapist with Holland Hospital Behavioral

Gambling Addiction (My Story)

Gambling Addiction (My Story) In this video Tony Swedberg talks to you about having a gambling addiction. Tony goes into telling you how much of a compulsive gambler he was and how he lost everything. He explain how he went to the casino everyday betting big and lots of money.